Do’s And Don’ts – The Care Of Airsoft (AEG) Guns

 Do’s And Don’ts – The Care Of Airsoft (AEG) Guns



  1. Clean and oil your guns regularly, to keep them in top working order, Remember just a light coat of silicone lubricant often for all guns inside and outside. Guns 38 super ammo for sale  with blow back features require silicone lubricant on the slides more often. Clean the barrel before and after use with a silicone lubricant, patch and rod. (Do not use real gun oil or lubricants like WD40)
  2. Use only slick seamless 6mm round ammo purchased from a reliable website. DO NOT reuse ammo or cheap ammo, they will perform poorly and damage the weapon.
  3. Use a smart charger-this will add life and performance to your batteries. These chargers will not overcharge and damage the battery and should be used with all NiMh and LiPo batteries.
  4. Only use your gun with charged batteries. If your gun is wearing down, take out the battery, replace it and recharge it. DO NOT keep on shooting with a low battery.
  5. Keep the gun dry, water can damage any and all components of an AEG. Keep all screws tight. Dropping can also cause damage that is no repairable.
  6. Always read the safety warnings and instructions that is shipped with each gun or component. You can learn a lot from the pictures if you can’t read the language.


  1. AEG’s are not built for continuous shooting. Keep intervals of 1-5 sec

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