Domain Authority: The Top Two Factors On Google: A Study of 50,000 Webpages in 5 Countries

A series of 1,000 keywords was developed covering a variety of topics including professions and trades in various UK localities, website development, marketing, travel and health issues. The webpages on the top page of (pages from the web) for each keyword were assessed to determine their PageRanks and the corresponding HomePage PageRanks. This was repeated for the USA, Canada,

Australia and India using,.ca.,, The localities (towns or cities) were changed for each country. The findings could have been undertaken manually using either Buy Google Reviews Firefox or Internet Explorer with the Google toolbar active: To simplify the process, a program that undertakes the analyses was used. Accordingly, any or all the results can be easily verified.

Nearly 50,000 top positioned webpages were assessed – some Google results pages do not have the usual full complement of 10 webpages. There were 2,486 webpages on the top Google results page with PR0 (5%). Of these, only 214 (0.4%) were on websites with HomePage PageRank less than 4 or they were not themselves HomePages.

There were 32,179 internal webpages on websites with HomePage PageRank of 4 or more (64%). There were 14,909 webpages on the top Google results page that were themselves HomePages with PR4 or lower (30%). Only 2,912 webpages (5.8%) of the webpages were not the HomePage of the website that were on the top page of Google for a keyword had associated HomePage PageRank of 3 or less.

In this study, 94% of nearly 50,000 webpages on the top Google results page for 1,000 keywords in 5 countries were on Websites with HomePage PageRank 4 or higher or they were themselves HomePages. This study supports the view that the top factor in the Google algorithm is the Domain Authority of the website as indicated by the HomePage PageRank. The second factor is a boost given to HomePages that are competing for a keyword.

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